Aug 8, 2014

Nursery of my Dreams

I call it the nursery of my dreams because I literally had a dream that it would look like that. Has that ever happened to you? I actually dream about my crafty projects all the time--I'm so nuts. But I knew early on how I wanted it to look, and just tried to make the dream come true little by little.

I love the color combo of peachy-pink and yellow so I looked long & hard for the perfect crib bedding and finally found the puzzle piece that brought the room all together. Dwell Studio's Rosette pattern had the right colors and the cutest modern little flowers. I illustrated the same little flowers and made a gallery collage of Olivia's name in Ikea's glossy gray matted frames.

The crib was also something I searched long & hard for. I wanted something modern but neutral and nothing at the baby stores really caught my attention. I went with a two-tone gray and white modern crib and changing station from Babyletto's Hudson collection.

The walls were painted a peachy-pink to match the bedding, and the closet was also painted inside. (Thanks to her Daddy <3 p="">

The rocking chair was a hand-me-down from Olivia's big cousin, Ryan. Hanging above the rocking chair is a little mobile that I made myself. I used Ikea's Kladsam Mobile and converted it to a baby mobile. I added ribbon to cover the black metal attached little felt flowers and hung a letter O from it.

The dresser and toy organizer are also from Ikea (yes, I went on a shopping rampage there!), the pouf was from Nordstrom and the rug was from

This is probably my favorite room in our house. SO much love and thought went into making this a special place for Olivia.

Jun 13, 2014

Fixin' her Noggin

This post is a little hard for me to write, but really it shouldn't be! We did something to help our daughter, and what parent wouldn't? It was definitely hard to hear that there was something "not right" with our baby's head but it sounds way worse than it is. I'll share our story and what I think about the Doc Band and hopefully it helps parents out there who are on the fence about it.

So, Olivia had plagiocephaly (a.k.a. flat head syndrome) that I think may have started when she was still in my womb! We noticed pretty early on that her head was a bit flat in the back and over time it just became more obvious. At her 4-month check-up, the doctor gave us the information for the Doc Band but told us to give her more tummy time and less time on her back and see if it gets better by the 6-month appointment. At 6 months, there wasn't much improvement so we decided to move forward with the Doc Band. It isn't something that's 100% necessary--she will grow up to be a normal person with a slightly flat head but we thought that there are so many advancements these days, so why not fix it while she's young enough to not even remember it?

It's actually pretty incredible how the Doc Band works. They take 3-D pictures of the baby's head and create a mold from them. Then a band is made from the mold and fits the baby's head perfectly. Every 2 weeks, the band gets adjusted depending on how the head is growing so that it puts pressure on the areas where the head needs to fill in--all safe, with no pain, and no danger, I promise! They estimated that she would need to wear it for 12-14 weeks and she got it off in only 9! Her head grew quickly into all the right places and it cut down her time significantly

We're so happy with the results and we're so glad we did it. It was 20x harder on us than it was for her. Olivia is a trooper and had no problems with wearing it at all! It definitely helped that we got her helmet painted by our good friends at Lustratype. The strangers' stares went from "aww poor baby" to "whoa that's a cute helmet!". She got tons of compliments on it.
If you have any questions about it, please feel free to leave a comment with your e-mail and I'll be happy happy to answer with my honest opinion right back! 

May 16, 2014

Maternity Shoot

I never thought that professional photos of my giant belly are something I wanted. I definitely did not feel comfortable showing off my bare bump and taking those awkwardly dramatic maternity photos you see from some photographers out there. But my hubby wanted the memories and I started looking for ideas. I came across Natalie Atick Photography and loved her photographic style. I think my first sentence in my e-mail to Natalie included the words (I'm not into nude maternity shoots) and she quickly agreed with me. :)

She takes beautiful natural-looking shots in the perfect lighting and against beautiful nature backdrops. I gave it a shot, and loved how they turned out! Natalie was the sweetest and she is great at guiding you to get the perfect shot. The time we spent with her actually flew by, and it's all because she made us feel very comfortable.

Here I am, 30 weeks pregnant, with the Daddy-to-be. Photos taken at Matheson Hammock Park on a hot July afternoon.

Ice Ice Baby Shower

Another shower for Baby Olivia! My super-duper awesome co-workers threw me a baby shower at work and of course, it's creative and clever and something I'll never forget! They themed it as an "Ice Ice Baby (Shower)" and it was complete with loads of ice cream and tons of toppings and sweets--just what this preggo girl ordered and perfect for the Summer heat! There were ice cream balloons, cute decorations, and I even walked in to the "Ice Ice Baby" song! Love these girls :)

Apr 25, 2014

Mac-Baby's Got Brand New Clothes

Me & my MacBook Pro, we've been the best of friends since it was gifted to me for my 30th birthday. (Thanks hunny!) It blogs for me, it helps me shop online, stores all of my little Livi's precious photos, texts my friends, and the list can really go on and on. I love him. Because it's so very precious to me, it was never really meant to leave my house unless there was an extreme important reason...until I started my new job last month. When I realized I wasn't getting a big beautiful iMac like I've always had in the past and I had to work off an ugly PC, I decided I can bring my Mac-baby to work every day to make my transition much easier. Unfortunately, I never had any cushiony clothes for it because it always lived at home, and I was lugging my Mac-baby in an old Victoria's Secret beach bag to-and-fro work every day. What kind of professional am I? What first impression am I making over here?! I had to buy my Mac-baby new clothes STAT!

Apple's selection of laptop bags weren't my style. I would basically have to choose between a super-large Michael Kors bag, a cute but expensive Kate Spade bag, or a plain black manly briefcase. Other online stores really didn't have much selection either. But I found my favorite at Etoi Design! They are an etsy shop based out of Poland and they hand-make laptop bags in all shapes, sizes and colors in felt and leather. You can choose from the selection on their site, or choose custom colors.

Considering it came all the way from Poland, it actually arrived pretty quickly and was packaged very nicely...and it's so well-made! I look and feel much more professional and modern in this cute laptop bag, and have received so many compliments on it already! I'm ready to take on the world (and throw away that VS beach bag!)

Apr 11, 2014

Buzz-Worthy 'Mommy to Bee' Baby Shower

SO MUCH PLANNING went on for my baby shower. Since my pregnancy forced me to sit on my couch all night, every night, I took my time to research the best ideas that I could execute myself on my little budget. And overall, I'm pretty proud of my event. The theme was "Mommy to Bee". Yes, its been done many times, but honeybees have a special place in my heart and I always knew I wanted a honeycomb party one day. In fact, I was secretly extra happy when I found out I was having a girl because my pink & yellow honeybee party dreams were coming true! I booked a neighborhood club house that was pretty plain in decor, and dressed it all up with bees, hexagons, yellow stripes and so much more! Take a peek into my dreamy baby shower...
This main attraction had all sorts of goodies including beehive cupcakes, honey jars, bee cake pops, honeybuns, merengues on sticks, honey straws, a big beehive cake and much more! Cake, cupcakes and cake pops by Thelma's Cakes.
The Cravings Station consisted of even more desserts and funny pregnancy cravings like pickles, donuts, popcorn, chips and candy.
This was the welcome table where guests wrote a little note for Baby Olivia in an Olivia the Pig book, entered the diaper raffle, and picked up a little Burt's Bees lip balm souvenir.
I knew that I definitely wanted a DIY Headband Station, complete with bows, flowers, elastic and a hot glue gun--the perfect gifts for the little one! My sissies in law ordered a pack from Etsy and put it all together.
For the bevies, I had lemonade, mini wine bottles, and water. The wine bottles had small tags attached that said "Get Buzzed"!
The guest tables were set up in long rectangles. They had small frames with cute sayings on them, diaper napkins with the utensils, and tiny vases with yellow billy balls, clay bees made by my cousin, and baby's breath.
This was one of the highlights of my life! Everything came out so sweet and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect baby shower. Special thanks to my family & friends who helped make it extra special--especially my sis!

Apr 2, 2014

I heART Cozamia

Last May (I know, almost a year ago!) we finally got around to putting some art on the walls! Believe it or not, we didn't really have any art on our walls whatsoever. We have mirrors, photos, wall accessories GALORE, but no art. I just never found anything that I loved THAT MUCH, and buying art can be pretty costly so I knew I had to really love it.

Cozamia's art was getting lots of blog attention and once I saw Lucid Surf, I knew I had to get it! It's abstract with beautiful colors, and thought it would go perfectly on my ginormous empty wall. In fact, my wall is so ginormous that I think I could have gone much bigger! But I decided on a gray lacquer Ikea frame* and stuck within those measurements.

*Just so you know, I don't recommend the Ikea Ribba frame for this print. It doesn't measure properly and it's pretty flimsy. I might upgrade to a real frame later on.

Here are a few of other faves from Cozamia that are tempting me to switch out a mirror or two.